Sharpen Your Discernment | Robert Liardon

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Years ago, I was minding my own business when those words boomed in my spirit. It totally caught me by surprise. I had been asking the Lord for an answer to a certain situation that was troubling me, but I never expected to hear such simplicity, much less a math equation! I thought the answer to my problem would be complicated, so I tried to ignore what I was hearing.
But it didn’t ignore me. It didn’t go away. In fact, it didn’t matter what I was doing. I heard that simple, abrupt sentence everywhere I went! It didn’t matter if I’d just preached in a dynamic service where God had moved tremendously, or if I was driving down the highway. It didn’t matter if I was in an intense and demanding situation, or if I was just brushing my teeth! Out of the blue it would interrupt my daily life, challenging me to hear it’s truth, “Two plus two is four.”

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