Understanding How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith | Kenneth E Hagin

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The fight of faith is the only one the Christian is called upon to fight. I think some people have read that verse, all right, but they only read that first word “fight.” They stopped right there and started fighting! Some thought it just said to fight; others thought it said, “Fight fellow Christians.” They should have read the whole verse and found out what fight it was they were supposed to fight. The Bible tells us exactly what fight it is we’ve got to get in on: It’s the good fight of faith! The faith fight is the only fight we’re supposed to be in. If we’re in any other fight — we’re in the wrong fight. There wouldn’t be such a fight to faith, if there weren’t enemies or hindrances to faith. (You can’t very well have a fight without having an enemy or an opponent.) One of the greatest enemies to faith, is the lack of understanding of the New Birth. And, you see, you can-not believe beyond your actual knowledge of God’s Word. This is the reason many people fail in their prayer life and in their faith life because they are trying to believe beyond their knowledge of God’s Word.


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