Demonology – 02 Demons and How to Deal with Them | Kenneth E Hagin

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The Word of God tells us in Mark 5 that when Jesus crossed over the Sea of Galilee to the country of the Gadarenes, a man possessed with an unclean spirit came out of a tomb. He also had a legion of demons. This unclean spirit caused the man to become unclean. It caused him to tear off his clothes, wander around naked, and cut himself with stones. This is an illustration, no doubt, of an evil spirit in connection with the sexual appetite of man. This fellow was a sadist. When an unclean spirit controls a person or embodies him, it makes him unclean. A lying spirit makes a liar out of a person. In addition to these spirits finding embodiment in man, they sometimes attack people physically. That doesn’t mean the person is demon possessed, but it means his body is oppressed by that spirit.

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