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To be misunderstood is one thing on earth which most people greatly dislike. A person means well and yet what he does is misinterpreted as being for ill. He does something in love, but it is misconstrued as being just the opposite. Oh, how many things there are in the world which irk people, and to be misunderstood is certainly one of them. Yet, I want to speak to you today about the One who is most misunderstood—even God himself, who is so badly misunderstood by the entire world!
A few days ago I read in the newspaper about the story of an elderly pastor who recently met a young man on the street who said to him, “Alas, I have run up against a most unfortunate circumstance.” As he spoke, his tears flowed down his cheeks. “What is it?” asked the pastor. “It is most terrible,” replied the young man, and he continued to cry.

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