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We may clearly notice in the Bible that God needs man, since He needs his cooperation in order to accomplish His eternal plan. In the six days of creation, man is the center of God’s work. After God has created man He rests; for without man, He cannot rest. Although man afterwards falls, God’s purpose concerning him is not changed. He still wants to apprehend him. Man’s salvation, man’s edification, and man’s spiritual maturity in life are all for the sake of satisfying God’s need. In His work God has a great need, which is, that He needs man’s cooperation. It may be said that in God’s work there is no place nor time when man does not participate. Man is called to work together with God; He must have man. (The work of God mentioned here does not, of course, include the six days of creative work because the six days of creation were obviously undertaken by God alone, man having had no part in it.)

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