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The high priestly ministry of Christ at the right hand of the Father is one of the rarest features of the revelation given to the Apostle Paul. In the epistles, Paul not only tells us what Christ did for us in His substitutionary work on the cross; he also tells us what the Holy Spirit does in our individual lives. Many theologians and scholars question the authorship of the Book of Hebrews. Some do not think Paul is the author. I believe, however, that it is quite conclusive that this book is part of the Pauline revelation, because Hebrews fits into it like part of a jigsaw puzzle, and the language is that of Paul.

The Book of Hebrews is a revelation of what Jesus did from the time He was made sin on the cross until He sat down on the right hand of Majesty on High. Christ’s entire redemptive work is shown in this wonderful unveiling in Hebrews. There are references to this work elsewhere in the New Testament, but this revelation is found primarily in Hebrews.

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