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Another point of special significance is that God is the God of today, that He is the One who is always now. In other words, with God there is no concept of time. This does not mean, however, that the Lord has no time; it is only meant to indicate that He is not bound by it. We human beings divide time into periods. We say that one period has already passed, another period is yet to come, and still another period is what we call today or now. Whenever we humans think of time, we always think of past, present, and future. But when we come into touch with God, His “time frame” is always now—for He has no past and neither has He a future, because what has passed is still present with Him and what is yet to come is also present with Him! Again let me reiterate that we do not say God has no time: what we are trying to establish here is that time as we know it simply cannot apply to Him. Our time has tenses—both past, present, and future; but God has only uninterrupted present. With Him there is neither past nor future.

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