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The purpose of this special series of meetings is for us to search the word of God together on the particular subject of assembly life. At the outset we will not read all the passages in the Scriptures which touch upon this topic; we will only refer to them as we proceed in our Bible study. During the Victory Conference recently concluded∗ and which preceded this special series of Bible study meetings, we touched on the will of God which He had planned before the foundation of the world. God’s purpose is for men to have His life, and to be like His Son. His purpose is to establish Christ—yet not just the personal Christ but also the corporate Christ. And this corporate Christ is the Church. Thus, we have been made aware of the significance of the Church in the eyes of God today. Unfortunately, carnal believers currently pay no attention to God’s emphasis, and even spiritual believers are failing to set their priority straight. They often replace the Church of God with their many works.

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