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This Scripture passage can be divided into two parts: verses 15-17 form one part, verses 18-20 form another. By studying both carefully, we may see the relationship between them. Verses 15-17 deal with a specific case, whereas verses 18-20 touch upon a general principle. The particular case cited in verses 15-17 needs to be treated in a special way, and the common principle found in verses 18-20 must be diligently learned. Though the case is mentioned first whereas the principle then follows, nevertheless the words in the second part loom much larger than those in the first part. In other words, the first section is only concerned with an individual situation, whereas the second segment pertains to a general though highly significant principle. The way to deal with the case cited in the first section depends on the principle laid down in the second. The second section is the foundation, while the first section is but the application.

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