Prevent Android Phone From Closing Android App In Background

Android phone may sometimes close the app in background after about 10minutes of playing an audio message, requiring user to open the app before an audio message continues to play.

In such situation the ideal solution would be to go to your Phone Settings>Apps and Notification>Special App Access>Battery Optimization then locate Daily Wisdom Tv and select “not optimized”

If this doesn’t work then use the method below.

1. Open Chrome browser on your android phone and go to

2. Click the browser options at the top right

3.  Click on “Add to Home Screen”

4. You should see a dialogue box, Click Add

5. This process takes a few seconds to complete. Check your phone menu for DailyWisdomTv app which can play audio messages without being closed by Android phones.

Note: If the app icon is not added to your phone after the process above. Clear your chrome browser cache and cookie, then repeat the process. To do this, click the browser menu (3 dots at the top right corner), Click on Settings>Privacy>Clear browsing data then go ahead and clear the cookies and cached images. 

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