Man on Three Dimensions Vol 1 Spirit, Soul and Body | Kenneth E Hagin

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The study of man’s three-fold nature—the spirit, soul, and body—is one which always intrigued me. I have sought earnestly to learn the difference between the three. It is easy enough to distinguish between the body and the other two. But it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the spirit and the soul. Nothing but the Bible can do that. Misunderstanding on this subject abounds. Much error has been taught, even from the pulpit.

For years I studied the books used in various theological schools on the study of man in my search for the truth in this area. I studied the books taught by the Full Gospel Bible schools. I had the books used by the denomination which I had belonged to previously. But I found little satisfaction from all these. They were all based on the teachings of individuals and not on the Bible.

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