God’s Irresistible Word | Kenneth E Hagin

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One of the most amazing truths in the Bible is that the world and the vast reaches of space and of the universe — all that the eye can see and beyond what the eye can see — were spoken into existence by God. The Word of God — God’s own words — are absolutely irresistible! It’s amazing to realize that God made everything that is — the universe, the stars, the constellations, animals, oceans, rivers — by His Word. He simply spoke it, and it was; the worlds came into being. Nothing can stand in the way of the words that God speaks. There is no force in the universe that can refute, come against, or deny the power in God’s irresistible and irrefutable Word. There is no force strong enough to nullify God’s Word. The Word that God speaks is irresistible! The Bible is God’s Word, and no Word of His is void of power or impossible of fulfillment!

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