Demonology – 04 Bible Answers to Man’s Questions on Demons | Kenneth E Hagin

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Question: Can a Christian have a demon?
Answer: There is no such thing as a Christian’s being demon possessed. To be demon possessed means to be completely taken over — spirit, soul, and body — by the devil. This was the case with the madman at Gadara (Mark 5). Of course, if a person backslides, he’s over in the devil’s territory. By yielding to the devil, he could be taken over. But there is no such thing as a Christian’s being demon possessed, even though he might not be walking in the best fellowship in the world. (Some people may not be walking in the best fellowship, but they’re walking in all the light they have.) A Christian, on the other hand, can be oppressed. All the demons I’ve dealt with in Christians have either been in the body or the mind. You’ll find that’s where their activity is.

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