A Fresh Anointing | Kenneth E Hagin

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There is nothing so important in this hour as for the Body of Christ to be full of the Word of God and full of the Spirit of God. The time has long since passed for following man-made plans and formulas. We need the Word of God in our hearts and the anointing of God upon our lives so we can prosper in everything we do. We need to stay in God’s Presence and find out what the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ, has in mind, and then be sure to do it. God has not hidden from His people what He wants to do; it’s all laid out in the New Testament. And it is only by following God’s New Testament plan and being filled up to overflowing with God’s Spirit that we will be equipped to participate in the revival in these last days and to bring Jesus the glory and honor due His Name. Also, if we follow God’s New Testament plan for the Church, every believer will be able to take his place and fulfill his function in the Body of Christ. However, in order for believers to be able to do this, it is crucial that each one of us experience a fresh anointing.

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